The Habibi Story

It started at the end of 2000 when Habibi first opened on Wellington Street, Hong Kong, a cuisine which spans the Mediterranean, an unusual location coupled with a distinct design capturing Cairo of the 1930's. Habibi was born with the idea of bringing the sophisticated Middle Eastern table to Asia. Within months of opening Habibi quickly gained a five star rating and was considered one of the premier restaurants of Hong Kong. At Habibi, attention to detail and the highest standards, are the predominant theme whether it is the décor that hits the right note without tackiness or the exquisitely prepared family style dishes Habibi quickly found its place at the center of Hong Kong's international dining scene.

One year later, Habibi Café was opened, again on Wellington Street, Hong Kong. At Habibi Café the same attention to detail and creativity was brought to bear. The Café with its bustling atmosphere and traditionally garbed servers was introduced for stylish diners who have time limits and need quick service and attractive pricing. With eat in or take away facilities an open kitchen where food is prepared in view of the customer and its warm Eastern ambience and charm, it has become one of Hong Kong's most popular eateries. With over 150 articles written about both restaurants and multiple awards the Habibi tradition continues to grow in Asia.

Habibi continues to push its culinary standards, using only the highest quality ingredients and regularly offering Middle Eastern dishes not frequently found in Asia.